Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It has been said that "everything old is new again." Current interest in retro iconography seems to prove that adage. Witness the popularity of Volkswagen's New Beetle. Or Harley-Davidson's perpetual ability to mine its own history for reborn classics. Even the many vintage guitar reissues from Gibson and Fender seem to prove this truism.

Nothing ever goes out of style... for long.

One enduring idea in the Ice household has been to create a guitar manufacturing company, right here on The Northcoast. An institution founded on the rich, colorful traditions of postwar electric guitars.

In 1983, I first imagined dual brands from this upstart axe maker: 'Econotone' and 'Budget-Tone.' The first of those two names seemed more commercially viable. Years later, I began to create ads for the fictional corporation.

The Japanese have historically done well by imitating products originally designed in Europe and America. So it seems fair that we in the western hemisphere might be able to return this cultural favor - by recreating some of their classic imitations of our trasured items.

Many of the popular 60's Teisco models were undeniably Fender-ish in personality. This helped them gain acceptance for those rich in Rock 'n' Roll desire, but less gifted financially. A Cleveland re-interpretation of that style would be likely to evoke lots of pleasant memories for Baby Boomers, and younger fans of retro fashion.

Behold: The new Teisco Del Rey by Econotone! From the shores of Lake Erie, to a musical instrument purveyor near you!


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