Friday, December 19, 2008


(From left) Cal Williams; Stephanie Williams; Judy Andrews

CHARDON - Everyone loves pizza. Especially volunteers at Tim's House in Chardon.
This non-profit organization provides a valuable resource by offering a sanctuary for those affected by the pain of a loss to suicide.

Tim's House was created by Carol Brazis, after her son, Tim Weed, committed suicide in 2006.

Since the beginning, Cal and Stephanie Williams of Zeppe's Pizzeria in Chardon have supported the group with generous donations of fresh food. Their community spirit has helped to inspire other businesses in Geauga County to greater activism.

On December 18th, the couple were presented with an award of appreciation from Tim's House, by Director Judy Andrews.

"They've done so much for us, and we thank them!" she said.

Zeppe's is located at 211 Cherry Street, in the county's capitol city.


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