Thursday, December 25, 2008


In 1996 I had an unusual idea - to compose a story as a gift for my niece, Audrey. At the time, she was ten years old. The plan was very straightforward. I wanted to write a fictional adventure based on actual details of her life in Chardon.

My first manuscript was called 'The Brain Stealer.' It centered around the notion that Stin, Audrey's brother, had been mentally co-opted by some sort of maniacal clown.

The lone story soon grew into a series. Eventually, I would produce ten in all, each with its own unique cover artwork. Here are the first four in this series:

In her childhood, Audrey was gifted and creative. Today, she is a graduate of Marietta College with an incredible knack for all things musical. But her connection with these 'Weird Adventures' remains strong.

I salute you, Audrey Emm!


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