Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas, 1991

The holidays typically produce a reflective mood in everyone. Perhaps that is why I have lately slipped into a melancholy state - remembering the last Christmas at Kresse's Bi-Rite in Chardon, Ohio. Our store was a typical 'independent' business. We were completely geared toward consumer service and satisfaction. There was one unwritten rule at Kresse's: "Never, never, never fail to take care of your customer!"

The store was owned by Frank Tainer. Our boss was the late Bob Herron, a stout fellow who had come to the Northcoast from Pennsylvania. Both were steeped in traditions of an earlier age. They inspired us to serve the community with authentic affection. Shoppers were treated to an assortment of goods that were prepared on-site, using traditional methods. Our staff reflected the same kind of 'first rate' attitude toward patrons.

As the holiday season of 1991 unfolded, however, rumors began to circulate about our future. The market was shifting toward low-price, corporate operations that operated more efficiently. Notions of old-fashioned quality and value were becoming anachronistic. We began to wonder among ourselves. What would the New Year bring?

Kresse's closed on March 21st, 1992. The store was replaced by a Cleveland chain, Rini-Rego Supermarkets. (The building is now occupied by MARC'S) But echoes remain...

Happy Holidays to you!


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