Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama Comes To Geneva

President Obama has traveled across America with the zeal of a young, progressive spirit. But who would have imagined that he would show up in... Geneva, Ohio?

This enclave just south of Lake Erie may be known for the Grape JAMboree, WKKY Country Music radio, and blue-collar, midwestern culture. But now, the city also boasts a winter tribute to Barack Obama. The half-chief executive/half-snowman effigy is posted by Gale's Coffee Corner, a local spot for hot beverages and relaxing conversation.

The image of our president seems destined to garner lots of attention. Especially when warmer months have tourists passing through on their way to 'The Strip' in Geneva-On-The-Lake. It is also likely that Gale's will be brewing up more Java than ever for the 2009 season, thanks to their sidewalk tribute.

No economic stimulus is needed here in Geneva - a wooden figure of our 44th president is more than enough to help grow their business.

Gale's Coffee Corner
1 S Broadway
Geneva, OH 44041


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