Monday, February 09, 2009

WAFFLE HOUSE - Austinburg, Ohio

In yonder days, I had to visit Columbus to enjoy a blue-collar meal at Waffle House. But then, local entrepreneur Bill Baldwin brought a location of the storied franchise to Concord, off of Interstate 90.

Restaurant #1630 soon became one of my favorite places for authentic road cuisine. I thought it was an incredible gift of good fortune to have such a distinctive eatery in my own corner of America.

Then, another WH appeared, in Eastlake. And another...

This location is in Austinburg, on Route 45 just off of I-90. As ever, it reflects the basic company paradigm - colorful, minimalistic architecture combined with a no-frills business model. And a menu guaranteed to delight even the most jaded palate... if you're a fan of tasty, highway vittles served amid the decor of an old-fashioned trucker's outpost.

I am. That's why the Waffle House makes me smile, every day of the year!


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