Monday, February 09, 2009

JUNKYARD EXPLORER: Abandoned Stuckey's In Austinburg

In the days of cheap gasoline and American greatness, Stuckey's was a familiar presence on highways across the nation. The company grew from a Georgia pecan stand into a successful chain of travel stores. Their Pecan Log Roll divinities became part of domestic folklore. But over time, market trends buffeted the company. Today, Stuckey's operates mainly in the south. Yet looking through the weathered glass of this abandoned location evokes memories of a bygone era populated with station wagons full of freckled kids and Rocket-Age optimism...

Most surprising about this forgotten relic was what waited inside its walls - a musty collection of discarded tires. I'd expected vintage signs, or empty countertops and vacant shelves... but not piles of steel-belted rubber.

It was another unexpected twist of life in the cultural junkyard!


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