Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm not a traditional thinker.

Neither dominant American political tribe has held my attention for very long. I call myself a Libertarian, but that's really a methodology to describe in layman's terms the unavoidable fact that I trust individuals over institutions. And I reckon that those who founded our nation felt the same way. They crafted a system of government that is perpetually engaged in self-correction. This process takes time, but is dependable in the long run. It is also an incredible sight to behold.

From childhood, I studied political happenings under the watchful eye of my maternal grandmother. She was a Roosevelt Democrat who dedicated herself to viewing the 'American Experience' from all sides, despite any heartfelt partisan loyalty.

Today, with history unfolding, I have thought of her once again. I am certain that Grandma McCray would have much wisdom to impart on the inauguration of our forty-fourth president. Our discussion of the moment might endure for hours... and end with a loving embrace across the generations.

On this Inauguration Day, I am reminded of our nation's greatness in watching yet another peaceful transition of power unfold on Pennsylvania Avenue, during America's most storied public event...

But also, I celebrate Grandma's patient love. Because of her, my faith endures.

(Photos from the January 20th, 2009 Cleveland Plain Dealer)


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