Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rock Hall Interview

The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is well known among attractions in Cleveland. I've visited the music temple several times in the past, but never like yesterday - because my latest pause by Lake Erie involved being interviewed for employment.

The day was windy and cold. Rain and light hailstones made my journey a curious episode through traffic on Interstate 90. Persistent gray skies seemed to sap the life force from travelers and pedestrians. Yet I felt buoyed by the moment. This was my debut at the Hall...

A windy day in Cleveland

Still glorious through the gathering hailstorm - The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Looking toward The Great Lakes Science Center and Cleveland Browns Stadium

Key Bank - still intact despite the national monetary crisis

The Key Bank Building towers over Cleveland

Looking back up East 9th Street

An Ohio Historical Marker, in front of the Hall

Rock Hall wristband

The Administrative Office had a waiting room with black leather couches, and a red coffee table shaped like a Grand Piano. Behind the receptionist's desk were television screens that flickered with videos from VH-1 and national weather reports. There were curios and framed, vintage photographs everywhere. Not one person could be seen wearing a tie.

My visit provided a glimpse of the Hall, underneath its festive veneer of cultural importance. Did I impress the staff? It was impossible to be sure. But if nothing else, I enjoyed the opportunity to peek behind the curtain... and walk away smiling.


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