Monday, October 27, 2008


In April of this year, I created a Yahoo! group to encourage discussion about pop culture, Rock 'n' Roll music, and beer. (Three staples of American life.) I reckoned that this new forum would handle off-topic discussions that were occasionally spilling over from Internet spots like the Davie Allan fan site.

The idea didn't bear fruit, however. In polite verbiage, the joke fell flat. I promptly forgot about the group... until now.

With Joe 'The Plumber' Wurzelbacher making election season headlines, suddenly any reference to 'Joe' yields lots of results on Google. A budding crop of pretenders to the fame of this Ohio resident has appeared on the Internet:

Perhaps it is time to revive 'Joe Six-Pack?' If nothing else, having a post here titled 'Joe The Plumber' will point many searching for information about this blue-collar fellow toward the 'TAL' blog.

Make your selection now...

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