Sunday, October 26, 2008


Thanks to Liz, Our household has been decorated in the Halloween spirit for a couple of weeks now... but tonight, we carved Jack-o'-lanterns to celebrate the season of ghouls. Each represented one of the family. We were pleased with the result:

Liz & Rod

Witch's Broom

Soccer Fairy




The whole family, from left: Leigh, Liz, Rod, and Soccer Fairy

All the pumpkins in a row

Our grub for the evening

Punpkin light on the porch

We finished the day celebrating Cleveland's win over Jacksonville in NFL football. Vittles were provided by Zeppe's in Chardon - a great place for pizza and Buffalo wings on any Sunday, haunted or not!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool photo!
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10:53 PM  
Blogger Rod Ice said...

Andy - Glad you liked 'Thoughts At Large.' Your own blog is incredible. Great photos from China! Thank you!

6:26 AM  

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