Friday, October 24, 2008


One of my many ideas for a cool album cover concept was to issue an LP with the title "Rod Who?" in bold lettering. Featured would be some of the many famous 'Rods' and 'Rodneys' from popular culture. Like many of my ideas, it never came to fruition. Yet the kernel of inspiration has remained... tucked away in a file drawer somewhere inside my brain.

Here are a few that might have been included in such a project:

Legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield

Rock hero Rod Stewart

Noted actor Rod Steiger

TV icon Rod Serling from 'The Twilight Zone'

Rodney D. Ice, Professor of Pharmacology in Oklahoma

Child star Rodney Allan Rippy

Rod Piazza of The Mighty Flyers

Television evangelist Rod Parsley

Rod Morgenstein, drummer for The Dixie Dregs, The Steve Morse Band, and Winger

Rod McDonald, folksinger

Rod Woodson, veteran NFL athlete

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich


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