Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Don't mind me here. I just saw a ghost...

I happened upon this vehicle, while at a Geauga County Wal-Mart location. It appeared to be an early 70's Ford Econoline. The van was just ahead of my own, at a traffic light on Route 6. After a brief tag-along, I tracked it to the local Giant Eagle grocery store. The vehicle was being driven by a young 'dude' and his girlfriend.

It eerily resembled my own 1972 Ford from bygone days. Because it was huge and green, I nicknamed it 'Godzilla.' This vehicle was a bit more opulent, but very similar. It revived many lost memories of blue-collar living and living on the cheap:

My erstwhile '72 Econoline was a one ton cargo vehicle, with the 302 c.i. V-8 motor. It had been used to carry newspapers in Pennsylvania. I had it for one year, then sold it to my brother. It had manual steering, a non-existent heating system, and little in the way of creature comforts. But I loved it for being sturdy and unique. It was like a living room on wheels. And I could go anywhere... in body and mind... at the wheel of that land-ship from Detroit.


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