Friday, September 19, 2008


My wife's mother found this furniture gem recently in Mentor, at a house sale on Route 20.

It is a Curtis-Mathes Stereophonic Entertainment Center, dating to about 1960. It is rendered in the 'ash' hue, with black and white TV, turntable, and AM-FM stereo receiver.

The cabinet holds six speakers, in a tall and wide creation that is about nine feet long. Moving it required four people.

When considering this gigantic living room artifact, I was moved to buy a smoking jacket, hoist a martini glass, and place a vinyl jazz LP on the record player...

The Curtis-Mathes behemoth pictured here was sold through a B & B Appliance location in the Cleveland area. It is a relic of joyful, bygone days. And evidence of the colorful past that predated our modern times.


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