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Note to Readers: Matt Boland and his band have released an audio CD and a live performance DVD. I am honored to report that they included some of my comments in the liner notes of their CD, 'Picklebilly.' This is a band with energy and talent in generous amounts. What follows here is a promotional blurb about the discs, from MySpace:

It's here, friends - the new CD and DVD by Matty B and the Dirty Pickles. If you've never been privileged to hear them perform, then this is the time.

Once you've got some tangy brine on your turntable... or iPod or CD player... hell, even an 8-track would do... then CRANK IT UP!!

These guys have been professionally cured in a salty mixture of rockabilly, punk, and do-it-yourself rock 'n' roll.

Find them at: http://www. myspace. com/mattybandthedirtypickles
http://thedirtypickles. com


From, "Thoughts At Large" Website - Rod Ice

I first discovered Matty B and the Dirty Pickles while on summer assignment for Gazette Newspapers. They were playing at the Conneaut Sock Hop, an event that encompassed the entire downtown area of that northeastern Ohio city. While searching for a different group amid the vintage cars and sidewalk voyeurs, I happened upon their performance. It was a moment I'll never forget. A bright light of revelation seemed to strike the makeshift stage where Matty busily kicked, prodded, danced, howled, and plucked his guitar. There was the hot aroma of scorched 'Chuck Taylor' sneakers in the air. Anyone standing still had to be comatose or deaf.

I couldn't help babbling with praise about his work:

"Matty - Thanks, man! You guys have brought back the fun to rock 'n' roll. Seeing your shows has not only been a good time, but it has been a spiritual resurrection of sorts. When I first heard Pickledelic music, I remembered the goodness and meaning of the music as it was... Ramones, Pistols, Richard Hell, and historic legends like James Brown, B. B. King, The Stones, etc. That spirit is not gone. You are carrying the torch.
For that, I thank you! Keep rockin'!!!"

From "Thoughts At Large" the book by Rod Ice
….I tingled all over while the band played 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' by Gene Vincent.
Their interpretation
of the tune was gritty and authentically energetic.

I was mesmerized….

The trio throttled up their instruments, for a powerful electric joyride.

The truck trailer stage they had inherited literally bounced off the tarmac!
A string of familiar tunes developed, touching on work by a number of iconic 50's performers.

Dancing spectators lined the sidewalks…
Then the frontman shouted over his seafoam-blue guitar.

"We're the dirtiest pickles you ever saw!"

…on what was to be their final night performing as Buddy Holly and the Crickets, this raucous rockabilly trio discovered something new.

At Erie's Roadhouse Theater,…devoted fans have seemed to gather in greater numbers as the combo
became a postmodern entertainment phenomenon.

Undeniably, Boland (Matty B) portrayed the notable, southern character with skill.

He played a sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar, that was a perfect component
of the authentic 'Holly' persona.
Yet beyond having the garb of that era, he also exuded the energy
that typified a real performance by the late rock progenitor.

In a sense, he did more than simply act in the role.

He appeared to channel the spirit of Buddy Holly, from a far off point in oblivion, into a current setting.

It might well have been 1957, or 1977.
Typical chronology
didn't matter anymore.

When a member of the audience kept shouting "Stray Cats! Stray Cats!"
Matty B finally paused at his vintage microphone.

"Do we look like the (expletive) Stray Cats?" he laughed.

While the 'Cats' were a successful 80's detour from the more pervasive heavy metal and
Pop-synthesizer themes that ruled the day they only imitated the beauty of a lost tradition.

The Dirty Pickles have proved able to expand upon that theme by crafting a new creation from
the ethos of rocks golden age, and the rebellious authenticity of punk.

In a sense, their performance once again demonstrated rock's ability to reinvent itself
for a succession of new generations.

Note: Excerpts reprinted with permission of Rod Ice, from Thoughts At Large, The Book and http://www. thoughtsatlarge. com
So you are educated enough to read this now go to the web site and order the book already!!


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