Saturday, September 13, 2008


My first encounter with Mike-Sells chips came in the mid-80's at Kresse's Bi-Rite Supermarket, in Chardon. The snack company was making a push into the Cleveland market, and we were given the option to carry their potato chips. Because Mike-Sells snacks were prepared with peanut oil, we were immediately impressed with their unique flavor.

M-S hit a homerun with the owner and management of our grocery store. We decided to carry their products, immediately.

Unfortunately, Mike-Sells snacks didn't go over well in the Cleveland market. In spite of their flavorful nature and wholesome goodness, they soon disappeared from the area.

But I continued to buy them in our state capitol, while visiting my grandparents on Refugee Road. A particular favorite was their Mesquite Barbecue variety, which offered a taste treat unequalled by any other chip manufacturer.

Mike-Sells continues to produce chips and snacks in the Dayton area. They are well-known throughout the central and southern regions of Ohio.

The bag shown here was purchased at The Andersons General Store, in southeastern Columbus. I can only hope that one day, customers in the region of Lake Erie will realize how desirable these chips really are.


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