Thursday, August 14, 2008


Recently, I sent autographed copies of my 'Thoughts At Large' book to some of our political leaders and candidates. It seemed like a way to share 'Geauga' culture with those beyond our county borders.

Barack Obama and John McCain both responded cheerfully. But Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sent a surprising reply... that he was unable to accept my gift.

Strickland formulated new ethics guidelines after the troubled Taft administration. They prohibit gifts of any kind, unless they are from family members not connected with lobbying or holding state contracts. A worthy rule, it seems. But it is sad to think that the TAL book couldn't be exempted. I'm a small-town newspaper journalist, after all, with no friends in high places...

Still, as they say: "It is what it is."

So now, I've got a copy of 'Thoughts At Large' autographed to Ted Strickland. Hmmmm. What should I do... list it on eBay??


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