Monday, July 28, 2008


When a weekend getaway is called for, nothing can suffice on a budget like Erie, Pennsylvania. They've got a taste of everything there, sandwiched in between Ohio and New York. Shopping, entertainment, fine dining (and not-so-fine) plus a wealth of roadside culture:

Presque Isle Downs & Casino

A bit of Vegas in Pennsylvania

A beacon of light in the darkness

Krispy Kreme on Peach Street

'57 Chevy at Steak 'n' Shake

Steak 'n' Shake neon

Burgers and donuts - what more do you need?

Kali's candy store

Habanero wings, anyone?

The Lube rules!

What'll you have - a steakburger, or wings??

Mr. Fudgie sign

Erie... "It's closer than you think!"


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