Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Classic VW Encounter

Recently, while on the road to Mentor, I encountered this rolling artifact on Ohio Route 86 - a genuine VW Beetle. The car sported a primer paint job, roof rack, collector exhaust system, and retro 'BOSCH' window graphics.

Once upon a time, such vehicles were common on American roadways. Mine was a 1973 Standard Beetle, done in white with a black interior. Though spartan in appointments, the car provided cheap transportation with a Hippie-Era ethos. I loved the Bug, despite design flaws like its lack of a competent heating system.

In this age of 'correctness' gone wild, gasoline-powered automobiles of any kind are suspect. Yet during days of yore, there were proletarian buggies like this... efficient people-movers with style:


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