Friday, May 23, 2008


Ah, the proverbial church rummage sale... is there anything better?

Today, a pause in Geneva netted several interesting trinkets. Included were treasures like a hand-carved, Italian ash tray from the 50's, made of alabaster. And, a toy Mini Cooper automobile, outfitted correctly, just like the real British import.

But coolest of all may well have been the following music textbook. It is a 1969 publication of CHARLES HANSEN, with arrangements done by Bill Oliver. In the back, this manual even includes a three-finger chord chart.

Also notable about this book - the cover illustration is of a multi-colored MOSRITE guitar, with the vibramute tailpiece and angled neck pickup.

As the cover says, this volume is full of "GREAT BIG TOP HITS" including Hey Jude, The Look of Love, and Scarborough Fair.


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