Friday, April 11, 2008


I've driven through Mantua many times since moving back to Ohio in 1983. But never has time permitted a real visit to this sleepy community on Route 44. With each drive-through I've wondered - what really waits to be discovered there?

A recent trip answered this persistent question. I drove south on a Wednesday afternoon, with a fresh camera at the ready. After reaching the village, I turned left off of Main Street, and parked at the bottom of a hill, below the Mantua Grain & Supply depot.

Then, magic began. I felt like a time traveler, lost in a forgotten world...

My first photo in Mantua - entering the time portal

Mantua Grain & Supply, long closed but fully preserved

A weathered building, downhill from Main Street

A doorway at Mantua Grain & Supply

A vintage pickup in front of Betsy's Side Street Cafe & Grill

Another view of the gray, wood building

Another doorway at Mantua Grain & Supply - with no trespassing sign

Concrete walls from an old building foundation

A lone Harley-Davidson on Main Street, in front of the K & K Meat Shoppe

Italiano's Pizza on Main Street (Route 44)

Italiano's (entrance)

An official-style brick building, uphill on Prospect Street

The Storybook House (wide view)

The Storybook House (closer view)

A very grand Victorian home

Brick Victorian house on the hillside

Looking down Prospect Avenue toward Main Street

I want to visit Mantua again, in the summer, and try this experiment again. There are more stories on the hill, I'm sure. When the time portal is ready... I'll be there.


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