Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Yes, the Madison Skyway hasn't completely surrendered to the elements - yet. The shell of this relic still stands, proudly. It graces the north side of North Ridge
Road (Route 20) with an eerie, yet inviting presence.

After years of driving by the closed venue while traveling between Madison and Geneva, I finally stopped for photographs, and a bit of vintage atmosphere:

A later Internet search failed to reveal much about the outdoor theater. But the website www.drive-ins.com offered two vintage advertisements from the Skyway's storied past:

Also offered was an aerial photo of the closed Skyway grounds, submitted by William Sureck:

My wife has often observed that reviving the Skyway would be something both enjoyable and beneficial to the region. Indeed, we've both read many stories of car shows, concerts, swap meets, and film screenings being held together at drive-in theaters that have survived the march of time.

Place it among a thousand other ideas we couldn't possibly finance... the all new MADISON SKYWAY, featuring a screening of 'The Wild Angels' followed by a performance by Davie Allan and the Arrows!


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