Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We in Cleveland know what it means to suffer for our faith - because we are fans of The Cleveland Browns.

The team announced yesterday that starting QB Brady Quinn will miss the rest of 2008 because of a broken finger on his throwing hand. Having continued to play on Sunday with the injury apparently cause it to worsen. Doctors and Coach Romeo Crennel made the decision to pull Quinn for the remainder of their NFL season.

Quinn had been brought in as the starting QB after an inconsistent Browns season in which the franchise failed to develop any kind of consistency on the field.

Injuries, player squabbles, and poor game-time performances have plagued the team all year. It has been a disappointing season for those gladdened by the Browns 10-6 record for 2007.

Owner Randy Lerner has refused to speculate about the future of Head Coach Romeo Crennel or General Manager Phil Savage, until the season is finished. But many fans and journalists have speculated that both may be fired once the year is complete.


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