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In bygone days, I remember finding my way around the City of Ashtabula in part by figuring where I was in relation to the venerable UFO. This abandoned gas station was a landmark of great importance. It stood in defiance of modernity.

Information on the UFO is sparse. But on the Roadside America website, this Buckeye relic is remembered with reverence:

Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station - Gone

Address: Ashtabula, OH
Directions: Was along Prospect Avenue - Route 20.
Hours: Gone.

Visitor Tips and News About Flying Saucer Gas Station - Gone

Following are Flying Saucer Gas Station - Gone reports and tips that were sent in by visitors like you, as well as news stories about the attraction. Submit your own tip or update. Some tips may not be verified -- please contact attraction for current hours and admission prices.
Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station

My husband Frank Cragon managed the Flying Saucer gas station in the l970s. When he went across the street to Garfield's Restaurant, he would keep looking back at the saucer.

A waitress remarked, "Don't worry Frank. It won't take off without you!" [Sally Cragon, 05/04/2008]
UFO Gas Station. Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station

This was a wonderful and creative invention that is sadly missed by everyone in Ashtabula. My father was the designer and owner of this gas station, and I remember Dad used to have the attendants wear Martian gear while pumping gas.

Unfortunately, the gas station will not be at the historical society as we all had hoped. They have scrapped everything that was donated, as well as any and all pictures and drawings my Dad gave them -- which leaves nothing but memories for his children. The grandchildren will never know the wonders of this gas station. [Kyra, 03/04/2007]

[RA: Kyra updated Mar 9, 2007: "I am happy to say that this will not be the end of the flying saucer! This week, Ashtabula Township Park agreed to add a flying saucer display to their Lights on the Lake this next Christmas season, which will be a replica of the gas station. "]
Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station - Vague Recollections

I've lived in Ashtabula most of my life. My Mom used to get gas at the flying saucer gas station every few days. There was a Santa in the top bubble during Christmas time and sometimes a rabbit at Easter. We would beg my Mom to go get gas there! The lights around the outside were awsome to us kids. It is a good childhood memory. There is now a Walgreens there. [chris, 02/16/2007]
Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station - Vague Recollections

I just found your site and learned of the sad fate of that gas station. What a shame. It was such a tacky delight. I remember many years ago taking the Greyhound back and forth between my home in Northeast Ohio and my college, and as we rode by on Route 20 (back in the days when Greyhound still took 20 through Ashtabula) looking for that flying-saucer gas station with the racing lights as a landmark.

At Christmas-time, they used to put a plastic lighted Santa Claus up in the bubble, with his arm frozen in a cheery, mittened wave. [Trudi Marrapodi, 01/04/2007]
Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station

The flying saucer gas station in Ashtabula, Ohio is being dismantled and moved to the Crawford Auto Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. [Catherine Schmidt, 12/18/1999]

June 2006: A sad fate for this one. It was hauled off to be part of a Cleveland museum, which lost its funding and the UFO just fell apart and was thrown away. The old Ashtabula site is covered with a Walgreens.


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