Sunday, August 31, 2008


We were shopping on a recent Saturday evening and happened to run across the SuperK Car Cruise, in Mentor. Ruth and Denny Burdick were there, our long-time friends from Chardon. The mood was festive, and there were cars aplenty...

Pink Fiat
Pink Fiat with small-block V-8
Pink Fiat (detail) small-block V-8 motor
How did it fit in there??
Soccer Fairy with AMC Gremlin street rod
Soccer Fairy with 1974 AMC Gremlin 'X'
1957 Chevy being inspected by my family
From left: Soccer Fairy, Liz and Leigh (in chair) checking out a 1957 Chevrolet
Old-school Ford street rod
Old school street rod
1964 Mercury Comet convertible
1964 Mercury Comet convertible
50s Chevy panel truck
50's Chevy panel truck
Vintage Lincoln
Vintage Lincoln convertible
Denny  Ruths Chevy Caprice convertible
Ruth & Denny Burdick's 70's Chevy Caprice convertible
Plymouth Superbird
70's Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird
Superbird graphics
Superbird graphics
Soccer Fairy with 1945 Army Jeep
Soccer Fairy with 1945 Jeep
Black flame 50s Chevy pickup
Black flame 50's Chevy pickup
A pair of vintage T-birds
A pair of vintage 50's T-birds
1960 Ford Galaxie
1960 Ford Galaxie


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