Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Thank you, Norton Records.

I've sought a copy of this 45 for years, after first hearing the song courtesy of 'Doctor Demento' in the early 70's. At the time, it was barely eight or ten years old... a novelty recording from the recent past. Yet even then, mystery had fortified their legend. WHO WERE THE NOVAS?

All we knew was that they came from Minnesota. Information on the band was tantalizingly scarce. The track ended up on a couple of vinyl collections throughout the years. But an actual copy of the single eluded my grasp.

Hard to find, but oh so desirable - the original Novas 45

Then, I stumbled across an ad for the Norton Records catalog. Yes, true believers, an honest-to-goodness newsprint catalog on paper! Just like in the Hippie-Era that preceded technology's overwhelming information tide.

There, amid the small-type entries was... a NOVAS EP! (Okay, I actually saw it first on their website, but the 'feel' of their printed literature still evoked many pleasant memories of those bygone days.)

I was spellbound. Soon enough, I had ordered the 7-inch, vinyl platter. It was a revelation to receive!

The Norton Records 'Crusher' reissue EP

The Novas history as provided by Norton Records

Norton - Your place for Turban Contemporary Music!

Norton Records catalog - just like in the days of yore!

The Novas being inducted into the Minnesota Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

In the process of locating this record, I learned that the group had only been together for a couple of years. And other bits of Novas trivia:

1.) Their inspiration was - Reggie 'The Crusher' Lisowski, a real pro wrestler
2.) Their historic anthem was recorded in the summer of 1964
3.) They were high school kids from Edina, Minnesota
4.) Drummer Jeff Raymond was only 13 at the time!
5.) The tune made Billboard's Hot 100 for three weeks in a row, selling around 250,00
6.) They were inducted into the Minnesota R & R Hall of Fame on April 28, 2007

My vinyl thrill-ride had been completed, at last.

Thank you, Norton Records!


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