Sunday, June 08, 2008


After interviewing Paul Hickman of 'Guitars for Grunts' I was inspired to reach out to our soldiers serving overseas as he had done by donating musical instruments. But I needed a different slant on this idea - something uniquely personal. Eventually, I realized that the best gift would be a bit of Geauga County, as represented by copies of 'Thoughts At Large.'

That alone wasn't enough, however. I wanted the project to be more inclusive. More completely full of love and respect from the folks at home. Liz provided the answer with her own twist on the idea of sending books to out troops: Let people write their own 'thoughts' inside each copy.

We presented the idea at a meeting of the Thompson United Methodist Church Council. Support from members was immediate, and overwhelming. The result touched our hearts and gladdened our spirits!

(Above: TUMC Pastor Harley Wheeler with the 'Thoughts' display.)

The first 'Signing Sunday' happened on June 8th. It will be repeated again on Father's Day, June 15th. After that, these inscribed volumes will be carefully packaged and shipped with help from Wine Country Books of Geneva.

Those interested in participating may contact:

Thompson United Methodist Church:
P.O. Box 29 Thompson, OH 44086
Phone: 440-298-3033

Wine Country Books
24 North Broadway
Geneva, Ohio 44041


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