Monday, November 09, 2009

US CONGRESS – The Best Government Money Can Buy


US House of Representatives – 435

US Senate – 100

Total – 535

Millionaires in Congress 2009 – 237 (44%)

US Population – 304,000,000 (2008)

US Millionaires – 6,700,000

Millionaires in Population – 2.2%

Incumbent Re-election Rate, US House - 94% (2008)

Incumbent Re-election Rate, US Senate - 83% (2008)

Using figures found on the Internet, I came up with these statistics. Several News organizations like CBS figure the amount of US millionaires at 1% but agree on the 44% figure for those in Congress.

In fascist or communist nations, the leaders acquire wealth and power not seen by their populations. But in America, where democracy reigns, our leaders... also hold the wealth and power for themselves. Very interesting...

Yet according to The Center for Responsive Politics, incumbents are overwhelmingly re-elected in the House and Senate.

So... what's the solution? Get out the vote!


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