Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I grew up with motorcycles.

Dad kept my head full of stories - about his two-wheeled adventures on cycles by Indian, Harley-Davidson, BSA, and Norton. When I was young, he tinkered with early products from Honda and Yamaha before retiring from road duty altogether. But the tales continued.

I became most fascinated with the individualistic bikes made in Milwaukee. But a different vibe remained as I got older. A passion that was both enduring and pure... for the Triumph Bonneville.

I remember visiting Gatto's Cycles in Tarentum, Pennsylvania, around 1976... and there it was, the new Triumph Bonneville. Painted red, white and black, with deep chrome accents and enough British mojo to make my teenaged head swoon...

In the 70's, every new issue of Cycle World had an ad for the Bonneville. Even though the golden era of British motorcycles had passed, it remained a favorite of riders across the world.

The Bonneville was an enduring icon of lost traditions. As a teenager, it seemed to beckon me with the luster of Old World glory. But in modern terms, this wheeled steed offers something more... a glimpse of yonder days that will never fade away.


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