Friday, July 24, 2009


What could be better than seeing The Chardon Polka Band in concert? Why, seeing them on the Chardon City Square, in the beautiful gazebo, of course!

A recent bulletin on MySpace teased us with the possibility of seeing Jake Kouwe and his bandmates in concert. So the entire Ice Household visited for this lunchtime performance. As always, it was a polka-riffic journey through a repertoire of European standards, and new-age innovations...

Jake Kouwe, on accordion

The world's most dangerous polka band? You be the judge...

Paul 'Pops' Magooch, on drums

From left: Paul 'Odd Jobs' Coates; Paul 'Pops' Magooch; Jake Kouwe

The band with Thoughts At Large hero 'Soccer Fairy'

The band's most recent CD release

Since forming at Chardon High School, the band has become something of a Geauga County legend. They have appeared on WJW Fox-8 television, and had their music featured on the 'Doctor Demento' radio program.

Kouwe promises that a new studio recording is in the works, to satisfy their eager fans. Meanwhile, the prolific group continues to play many shows around northeastern Ohio.

See them - if you dare!


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