Wednesday, July 15, 2009


America in the 70's... ah yes, I remember it well!

This decade began as a encore to the sixties. All of the contrasts were in place: War vs. Peace; The Establishment vs. Young America; Rock 'n' Roll vs. Lawrence Welk; The Old Order vs. New-Age thinking.

General Motors and the rest in Detroit were still locked into the glorious paradigm of 'bigger is better.' Throughout the post-war boom, this view had served them well.
But then came the Oil Embargo of 1973.

Life in America was never the same, again.

Seeing this spiffy example of Cadillac grandeur brought back those memories, and more. During '73, I remember an older friend saying that he'd literally been offered the keys to a Cadillac, AND TURNED THEM DOWN. No one wanted such a fuel-swilling during that uneasy period in history.

But today, I'd GLADLY accept those keys. Even with the fear that gasoline may soar past four dollars per gallon once again.

As Springsteen sang, "We don't have to drive it. Honey we can park it out in back..."


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