Thursday, April 09, 2009


Spam messages can be entertaining if they are creative in nature. This one seems to 'peg the virtual meter' by using the professed identity of a clergyman. Unlike any other such scam attempt that I've read, it offers no contact information except for the sender's e-mail address:

Meet Pastor Adam C. Coffin

My name is Pastor Adam C. Coffin married to Sophia Coffin. Sophia is born in Germany and a Nurse by profession,though childless and she died 18 months after our marriage.

I was born on April 12th 1964; I have three brothers and two sisters. I became a Christian when I was 22 years old that was in 1986, I joined a local church where I was disciple and I got deeply involved in prayer and evangelism. 2 years later the lord led me to go to Youth With A Mission, an international Christian Organization to undergo a discipleship-training course. I stayed with Youth With A Mission for 4yrs during which time the lord was developing a leadership and pastoral ministry in my life.

During these four years on staff with Youth With A Mission, I was involved in Evangelism doing school ministries and a lot of Aids awareness programs. This had a music dance and drama approach which was very effective. During the same time with the evangelism tea, we had a European tour where we visited Germany, England, Spain and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, within 6 months,my father, three brothers and one of my sisters were involved in a ghasstly motor accident on a high way. My remaining younger sister,on hearing the sad news,ran into the street and that was last she was seen or heard of.My father was not too wealthy and I was left alone to inherit the sum of US $14.3M he deposited for safe keeping. Death is a transformation to a better life, I thought to myself and forged ahead in life. Life was not easy with me after loosing my entire family.

One penultimate sunday morning,I was getting ready for service when I fell down from stair-case. The next, I opened my eyes and discovered that I was on a hospital bed. Sitting beside me was our family most dreaded enemy. I was disgnosed to be hypertensive and diabetic coupled with the fact that I have long time ashmatic history.My doctor gave me the impression that I have little time to live.

I knelt in prayer and tell God to locate a faithful man or woman to whom I will enthrust with my father's resources to use it in speading the gospel and winning souls for God. After my prayers,I was directed to address this message to you. If you can use the money for things that will glorify the name of God,write back to me with your contact information and I will release the personal identification number to you so that you receiive the money for God's work.

I hope that you will give this message urgent attention. Always remember me in your daily prayers.

In His grip,

Pastor Adam C. Coffin.

I am left with a single question... could one really hope to learn about eternal life from an Internet pastor named... coffin?


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