Thursday, March 05, 2009

Roadside Can Review

A recent errand had me driving across gravel roads in the heart of Ashtabula County. Because of the early hour, morning sunshine made my trip a narrow-eyed adventure. I seemed to be hallucinating... a trail of beer cans stretched toward the horizon... teetering on tree branches still naked in the fading days of winter. It was a surreal image, like something conjured up by a protege of Salvador Dali... but then I realized that the path of garbage was very real. And I began to smile:

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer... still a favorite from coast to coast

Miller and Bud... present at any youth drinking event

Snyder potato chips... a perfect snack for roadside parties

Doesn't everyone drink Miller Lite?

A Shur-fine mixed nuts can... further evidence that those involved were health-conscious and didn't want to drink on an empty stomach

Cans raised to the sky... like a modern interpretation of an old native ritual

A Taco Bell soft drink... for the 'Designated Driver?'

In yonder days, we were careful not to leave evidence behind when staging this kind of impromptu party in the hinterland. Still, the artful nature of this garbage row was appealing. It demonstrated that despite technical innovations like video games and cyberspace, simple pleasures still retain their appeal.


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