Monday, November 05, 2007


Friends of this column will be familiar with Jay Wright, who authored a book called 'GAS - Living with Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.'

After corresponding with Jay, it was my pleasure to meet him in person on November 1st and 2nd. Jay paused here along with his friend, John Geraghty. They were en route to a G & L guitar meet in Michigan.

We met with Dennis and Liz Chandler for dinner, in Beachwood. Later, it was our pleasure to peruse DC's axe collection while discussing our love of plectrum instruments.

The night began new friendships that will endure and grow from our shared love of rock 'n' roll guitars!

From left: Dennis Chandler, Jay Wright, John Geraghty.

Dennis admires his 'The Les Paul' production number one.

John Geraghty admires DC's 1908 Gibson L-1, 'RoJo'

Jay with DC's 'Backwards Flying V' from Gibson's 'Guitar of the Week' series.

Dennis Chandler with his Gibson 'Victory' guitar.

Dennis with his red 'Flying V2' Gibson.

Dennis and Jay with the all-gold 100th Anniversary Gibson V.

Jay with DC's 1983 Fender Stratocaster 'Elite.'


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