Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dad's Silvertone 7 Transistor Radio (Almost)

PURCHASED FROM eBay - a 1960's SILVERTONE 7 Transistor AM Radio, with leather carrying case...

For this writer, it all began here - with a radio very much like the one pictured here. As a child, I frequently borrowed Dad's pocket-sized receiver to conduct late-night listening experiments. Years later, the image of that device was still clear in my memory! When the relic above appeared for auction, I was intrigued. It is VERY close to the radio I remember, almost an exact match. (The 'Sears' logo in its upper-left corner is different, and the dial numbers are smaller - perhaps because this is a slightly newer model?)

Someone with an iPod might burst out in laughter when considering this primitive artifact. But in my own life, the little black box played an important role. It was my vortex for understanding and intellectual development!

Thanks so much, Dad. I love you. Your Sears & Roebuck special helped me listen in on the world!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


This was a recent gift from legendary guitarist Davie Allan. It is a self-made compilation of unreleased demo tracks. While listening to the disc, I jotted down quick thoughts about each song. The result was a free-form 'review' which I sent to DA himself:


1.) SEE THE WAY – Shades of George Harrison, hippie
coolness, picking and playing
intermixed with a spread of buttered electric slide.
‘Quiet Beatle’ I remember you.
2.) EVERYTIME I SEE YOU – Transcendent vocal melody,
angelic wire-plucks from
a troubadour-hero, thoughts that won’t surrender to
fatigue. I put a spell on your heart!
melancholy reflections, the
authentic DA rears his noble head. Fuzzmeister licks
appear like lightning from storm clouds, gone gentle.
majesty, folky dreams
and passion. Words from plectrum, not vocabulary.
Something to say, a place to say it…
5.) MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LIFE – Hope and inspiration,
rhythmic dance of a
talented pixie, an admonition in song – White man,
6.) MAYBE I’LL JUST MOVE ALONG – A shrug, a glance at
the horizon, a gaze of
wonder, a breathless exclamation. “How did I get
here?” Things to speak, a need to be heard. Dust on my
boots. It ain’t over.
7.) PEOPLE – A song from yesterday? It sounds like
now. Show my palaces and pride,
I’ll expose them as nothing. Show me love – there is
your gift.
8.) SHE’S MY GIRL – An ‘amore anthem’ for Cupid.
“She’s so much more than a
wife, she’s my life.” A wedding song more perfect than
any 45 rpm jewel.
9.) A WONDROUS LOVE – Marvel over magic. Strut to the
string-along. Here’s to us,
riding the Blue Bus. Ours are the heroes.
10.) I KNOW ABOUT YOU – Poppy, upbeat thoughts. A
tease with keyboard wriggling
and an axeman, grinning. Hey little one, I’ve been
here before.
11.) LOS CABOS – Your getaway is planned. Duck-walk
across the frets. Sand, sun, and a mariachi sonata.
12.) UPRISING – Stoked On Surf, X-wing fighters soar,
young hearts rebel, King Fuzz has awakened. A call to
action. Let no one ignore the beat!
13.) BUZZ SAW EFFECT – A Superhero sired from DNA of
Van Halen and Duane Eddy can’t touch this. Bring it
on! Who dey think gonna beat The King?? Who can make
the plectrum ring?? Big lumber is falling in the
forest. The saw lays down the law!
14.) EACH DAWN I DIE – Because every night, I am
alive! Still mocking and rocking, picking and
prodding, strumming and stomping.
15.) RUN TO HER – Melody and a taste of tuneful
mayhem. Be true to self, listen to your heart. The
music is pure. In each wave of fuzz there is hope. She
is yours. She is free.
16. LONELY IS THE HUNTER – A chord-walk, shot down,
and back again. The flight of an ancient fuzz-god.
Triplet-notes and whammy-bends. The sun is nigh!
17. SHE’LL COME BACK TO ME – Picking with the ‘Lost
Beatle.’ Don’t laugh, “I’ve just begun!” Fuzz-friends
we are. She walked out, for now. But I’m ready. A song
in my soul, a Jazzmaster in my hands. Hello! Here she
comes, again.

Davie enjoyed the piece and sent a quick compliment! It was another example of on-the-spot journalism in The Ice Household!