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“Retrophonic Review, Part Three”

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Note to Readers: I have written much in this space about my long-distance friendship with legendary California guitarist Davie Allan. It has become a personal tradition to open each of his new releases and immediately write down free-form poetry as it comes to mind. What follows here is my stream-of-consciousness overview of his newest disc.

First Impressions: ‘Retrophonic 3’ by Davie Allan

1. STILL GRUNGY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS – A hard ride through desert sands. Turntable spins on rubber bands. Throttle twisted, digging grooves on a platter. Roll the dice, it does not matter.

2. APACHE – Echoing drums, of a war cry sent heavenward from the tribe. This is our creed. That ain’t no lie. Fingers fly. An arrow splits the sky. The king is safe on his throne. Rock & Roll will never die.

3. SURF TREK – Voyages beyond the stars. A trek most unusual, taken in the vastness of dark. Ramble, rumble, Link Wray, Dick Dale and such. Hear me now, humble servant. I love you that much.

4. NIGHT CRAWLER – Fuzzy foolin’ around. Sidewalk surf with wheels rollin’ across the hard squares. When you arrive in the dark, I’ll already be there. Crawl and careen toward the next blessed sunrise. The King of Fuzz will never die.

5. JACKHAMMERED – Concrete slabs submit to the groove. I’m a gunslinger babe, with somethin’ to prove. My axe is rough, six silver strings in all. I am the tuneful troubadour. Never gonna fall. Crack and crumble, beneath the beat. My fingerprints strike the dirt. My dragon-breath burns the street.

6. POLYURETHANE – Tones dance, take a gambler’s chance. You can see the sheen of a modern movie scene. I am smooth and slick, watch me shimmer and gleam. Like an episode of ‘Then Came Bronson’ I fill your head with dreams.

7. FUZINATING RHYTHM – A caustic counterpoint, rock this joint, your head I will anoint. Join the priesthood of fuzz, pluck the plectrum, my humble servant of the buzz. That will be enough. Raise the cup, let the praises go up. May the force be with you, in a big bowl of intergalactic stew.

8. WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS – Deck the halls, from corner stand to shopping malls, the King of Fuzz has electric balls. Amplified and double-tracked, once you feel the fire, you’ll never go back.

9. THE WILD ANGELS PROMOS – Announcer’s voice excites the wild boys. Wolf pack rides, rubber rips the road. Hug the demon, kiss the toad. You have no escape, except for a roll down Batman’s cape. The dark avenger holds sway. Bootheels kick the dirt. We ride, away!

10. PARTY GIRL – Dancing, falling, it’s outta-sight. Heels in the sand. Girl, it’ll be alright. I want you forever. Don’t get frozen with fright. It starts on a trip, into the eternal night.

11. WE’LL CONCENTRATE ON LOVE – Dual-track in the outback. A voice cries out for love with no doubt. Kiss me quick, this is no trick. My heart yearns for you, like the morning dew. I need what you are. Be near, not far.

12. QUIET AS AN INDIAN BRAVE – A spiritual prayer, to guide your soul. Stroked strings sing out with praise, from times of old. Warrior dance, and nature’s romance. The trees boast of he who is the most. Our chief among men. Our hero among friends.

13. IT’S ONLY BEEN FOREVER – A sweet ballad of the sunset. Tell me again, I will never forget. We began in the age of man. We end with a vow to honor the plan. Resurrection is the way. Fuzz friends will rule the day.

14. PEOPLE – Acoustic strums, without the bustling beat of drums. A song sweet and pure. A sailing ship on a course steady, and sure. People are my way. Wake up and face the day. I reach out for you. Let me prove what I do.

15. NOBODY’S THERE – Nobody sees, there’s a song on the breeze. Nobody hears, there’s a melody in my ears. Stumble, bumble and two-step. I am the last chance you get. Words flow into tomorrow, I sigh with sorrow. I feel so misunderstood, life never goes as it should.

16. WHEN WE FIRST FELL IN LOVE – Remembering when we joined as soul-mates, you and I, on that first date. Kisses sweet, with no regrets. I recall it now, when we first met. Love forever. Love in hand. You were my woman and I was your man.

17. HOOKED ON YOU – Can’t turn away, I’ve just got to say. Your spell is upon me, I can’t ever get free. For a thousand years, I’ll still proclaim, your love is my target, I cry your name.

18. THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE – A wanderer, with a weapon carved of wood. Your six-string is powerful, that is well understood. Tuneful, toneful, a plectrum pole carried like a gun. Sunset on the horizon. Your day is done.

19. LET’S NOT THROW IT AWAY – Goodbye. A sad sentiment I wish to deny. Take hold of yourself. I have a story to tell. Let’s not abandon what lives. We have much love to give. Your heart is alive. And I want to ride.

20. I’M GONNA LOVE YOU FOREVER – Chorus chimes like the echo of a chapel service. There is true love between us. Like a dream come true, I am hungry for you. Soaring angel, I will love you forever. Your heart is pure. There is a song on my lips. I am floating in bliss.

21. LOS CABOS – A humble hideaway, tucked in the hinterland. A place where this guitar rebel will make his stand. Amid the bleached bones of another age, I quickly turn the page. Sun shines and winds sift the sands, until tomorrow wrecks our plans. We are dreams that have failed, we are ships that have sailed.

22. IS THE GRASS REALLY GREENER – Fate gives the final judgement. We bow lowly, praying on the pavement. Kneeling now before those who hold sway. Those of privilege claim the day.

Postscript: Find out more about Davie at the website.

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