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“Things I Have Discovered”

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Note to Readers: Material in the Icehouse archives typically gets utilized in the composition of regular writing projects. Yet unfinished ideas jotted down along the way are passed over until their presence is too obvious to ignore. So what follows here is a loose collection of notebook entries written on the subject of personal discovery:


1. NEWSPAPERS WILL LIVE FOREVER – Many pundits have prophesied the end of print publications. Yet in the science fiction series ‘Babylon 5’ such journals survived into the futuristic realm of tomorrow. Why? Because creator J. Michael Straczynski sensed that the tangible value of paper-borne offerings would transcend any kind of technological advancement. Experts might not agree with his vision. Yet one can be certain that at least on some level, this tradition will continue.

2. PRETZELS AND MUSTARD ARE A DELECTABLE TREAT – Combine the cheapest twisted pretzel and the most affordable spicy brown mustard and you’ll have a taste concoction worthy of honor. It doesn’t really matter whether you are enjoying top-of-the-line organic goodies or everyday budget fare. These two food elements dependably go hand in hand.

3. USED POLICE CARS ARE COOL – There is something undeniably attractive about having a gently worn cop cruiser in civilian hands. Sort of like taking possession of decommissioned military hardware for a personal collection. Watch the “Blues Brothers’ movie and become a believer!

4. EVERYBODY LOVES A GUITAR – Posing with a plectrum instrument is an activity that captures nearly everyone. Why? It’s a cultural thing for Americans from coast to coast. While many may never have played a guitar, almost everyone can connect with the hipness contained therein.

5. PIZZA ROLLS ROCK – As Totino’s says: “When it comes to food, there is nothing your kids like more than pizza!” That truism makes these chewable nuggets appealing to everyone, regardless of age. Whether stuffed with pepperoni, cheese, or sausage, Pizza Rolls have a hunger-busting power equaled by no other snack.

6. A PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG + A 12-PACK BEER BOTTLE BOX = A HANDY TRASH CAN – I found this simple combination of everyday items by accident, after running out of trash bags. I needed a quick way to collect kitchen refuse, without running to the store. A ‘eureka moment’ occurred when I found that a plastic shopping bag fit perfectly into the cardboard container from a 12-pack of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

7. DAVIE ALLAN HAD AN ALTER EGO – After writing much about legendary 60’s guitarist Davie Allan, I was surprised to discover that in the same era, a performer named Alan David was also active. He produced psychedelic recordings during the ‘flower power’ era. (Rare bits of work by this artist can be found on the You Tube website.) Mr. David, meet Mr. Allan. Mr. Allan, meet Mr. David!

8. BOLOGNA WORKS AS A FAJITA FILLING – After wishing I had cuts of steak or chicken in the refrigerator for my favorite Mexican dish, I discovered that long strips of this celebrated ‘magic meat’ served just as well. The result was surprisingly flavorful, and easy to prepare.

9. IT’S ALIVE AGAIN, IN THOMPSON– Having written a couple of columns about the long-closed Thompson Market, I was amazed to find that a new owner had actually re-opened the store in March. This food depot was first established in 1880, and is still remembered fondly by generations of local residents.

10. DOGS LOVE MACARONI & CHEESE – Late one evening, while peering at leftovers in the refrigerator, I mused that a stale tub of hamburger macaroni & cheese had been sitting on the bottom shelf for a week. Feeling generous, I spooned it into a dog bowl by the stove. This produced a ferocious reaction from Riley and Quigley, my Black Lab and Pomeranian duo. The neglected meal vanished in mere seconds! Much tail wagging followed.

11. YOU TUBE, REVISITED – Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, many of us used to enjoy listening to music while watching vinyl records spin on our turntables. Now, thanks to the world’s video depot, one can ‘tune in’ and experience the same effect. Literally thousands of clips are now available that provide the moving image of a 45 rpm single rotating under a traditional record stylus. This high-tech fad might seem backwards at first – but it perfectly captures a lost part of the ‘baby boom’ era that many still remember.

12. FULL MOON FEVER IS REAL – After a hectic night at work, my exit was illuminated by an eerie lunar orb that glowed tauntingly as I walked outside. The sight made me consider legends that have always equated moon phases with bouts of insanity. While I was pondering, a lone bat flew overhead. Soon afterward, this strange mood intensified as ‘Coast To Coast AM’ echoed from the radio in my truck. The full moon seemed to be in full effect – worth writing about, later. I couldn’t help reflecting on Hunter S. Thompson’s famous observation: “If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.”

13. EXTREME JUNK MAIL – Like most Americans, I have gotten used to the steady stream of useless ad material that regularly appears in my mailbox. But a recent flyer caught my attention because it was for something radically different from aluminum siding, exercise equipment, or magazine subscriptions. Instead, this new advert offered firearms at discount prices. As the fellows from Monty Python used to say: “And now, for something completely different…”

Postscript: Writing isn’t always a tidy occupation, as proven by the tidbits of prose offered here. But with some effort, even loose ramblings scribbled in a notebook margin may eventually comprise a useful manuscript.

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