Monday, February 04, 2008


In Cleveland, we remember him well.

Bill Belichoke, author of the offensive philosophy called 'Metcalfe up the middle.'

For those who don't remember, Eric Metcalfe was 145 pounds. When run between the tackles, he was typically slapped aside by defenders like an unruly youngster at a church picnic.

On the Northcoast of America, we've always wondered. How?? How could Belichoke be so inept in Cleveland and then go on to infamy as the NFL's Darth Vader?

Thankfully, Eli Manning was a Jedi master on Sunday. There were no spy-cameras for Lord Belichick. This time, it was a real contest between The Empire and rebel raiders.

The outcome - Giants 17; Patriots 14.

May the force be with you.


Blogger kmlsyr said...

Hi Rod,
I finally decided that i should look you up--and then i thought when i did my first search, this should be easy enough...well im pretty slow, and im feeling pretty proud now to find this way to communicate with you. Hopefully, you will write back.

To get it out of the way...I am from Syracuse NY and my name is Kate. Your name appears above mine in the Guestbook for John Raby.

Im not sure at this writing, if you did in fact attend John's services. I hope you did. I wish i had known sooner. But no matter, it would have been awkward for me to be there.

My only attachment were a few emails to and from his family and the guestbook entries, yours and the ones in the Connecticut paper, that i was able to glean over and learn how other folks felt about him. Though only a few...they gave me eternal validation, that my time with John, was in fact, worthwhile and meaningful.

You see, John and i went back about 10 Years. A crazy love story indeed. Not wanting to bear my soul to you in one writing, i will wait for you to write back.:)

Johns sudden death, from pneumonia of all things...absolutely devastates me. We were so close to finally buidling a life together. We just were too late. His living arrangement left him miserable. He wrote me, to learn my husband had passed away....omg---starcrossed lovers....i couldnt believe it. I still dont. Anyway, i too was ill, and not in best shape. His finding me had renewed my spirit. So it is his spirit that keeps me going even now.

Your short note, spoke volumes of your relationship with John. And many others shared his warmth and generosity and humor. I am proud to have known him. And i am proud of his friends and family that he so loved. So even tho i was the horrid hidden love...i at least was able to communicate to some of the family....and i have to fade to black now, and let him rest in peace. They say he didnt suffer. I know that he had seen a Doctor for bronchitis, that was lasting for weeks. They did not write him antibiotics. He believed what they told him in that antibiotics werent necessary. That it had to take its course. In fact when i was nagging him to go back to the Dr. he replied with an email which stated exactly as i said. And being a "man" :) didnt want me nagging him, in his own polite way of course. If he had felt better i know he would have spent Thanksgiving with me here in Syracuse. He was looking to relocate, sending me locations for him to start a small contracting business here. As fate had it, he spent theholiday there in CT, cooking (which he did enjoy) and being sick. The last i talked to him a few days later, he said he may go to the ER. I begged him to let me know if he was admitted. I never heard. When i started to look up hospitals...i came across his obituary. I was too late....too too late....

His family being decent people, were kind to his companion. Who never in 6 years met his mom, who didnt even travel home to Ohio with him for his funeral. That speaks volumes too.

So Rod Ice, i looked you up, found out about your books, saw you had a kind face and i decided to answer you from the guestbook request. Thanks for listening to my story. If you care to email me please do so --id love to hear from you.

4:49 AM  

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